Services Offered

Patient Consultation

During the initial consultation, our doctors will review your medical history and discuss your family-building goals. Further testing will be recommended to evaluate the most important aspects of fertility: eggs, sperm, structures such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes and the uterus, along with blood hormone levels on one or both partners. The results of these tests will guide our doctors in formulating the type of procedure that will provide you with the optimal chances of achieving a successful pregnancy. From there, you can freely ask our doctors any and all of your fertility treatment questions. They are committed to helping you have the best experience, and that starts with you fully understanding what to expect during the fertility treatment process.

Trans-vaginal Ultrasound

For IVF patients, transvaginal ultrasound tracking is crucial. Transvaginal scans get up close and personal, enabling our doctors to determine any uterine abnormalities, such as fibroids or polyps. In addition, it is used to examine  a woman’s ovaries, uterine lining and determine her antral follicle count, which is an estimate of how many eggs she still has in her ovaries, and it is also used to monitor the follicle growth and determine the day of ovulation.

Hormone Assay

Hormones, both male and female, play a huge role in our reproductive systems. When couples are having fertility problems, our doctors will often request blood tests for hormonal imbalances. For women, when these hormones are out of balance, ovulation, implantation and the survival of pregnancy can be affected.

Semen Analysis

Also known as a Sperm Count, analyzes the health and viability of a man’s sperm. Semen is the thick, white fluid released from the penis during ejaculation. Patient is instructed to abstain from all sexual activities that can result in ejaculating sperm for 2-5 days before the sample is collected to make sure the sperm analysis result is accurate.

Special Procedures

Natural Cycle IVF

Natural Cycle IVF is the simplest yet the most delicate treatment method that has the least interference with the oocyte’s natural development. No medication is given for stimulation. Through serial ultrasound and hormone assays, we monitor the growth of the lone follicle that spontaneously develops and retrieve it prior to ovulation. Thus, nature’s process of natural selection is preserved.

Rescue In-Vitro Maturation

A germinal vesicle can be grown into a mature oocyte through in vitro maturation in about 30-40% while metaphase I oocytes reach maturity in 90% of our cases. 

Minimal Stimulation IVF

In women in the advanced age, in women with history of poor response to stimulation, and in women with irregular menses, we use Minimal Stimulation IVF. To support the growth of a healthy cohort of oocytes, we start with oral medication  plus the addition of mild doses of recombinant FSH when necessary. Carefully selected types of drugs are used at low doses to achieve IVF that is safe and body-friendly, while maximizing the natural principles of oocyte development. 

Patient-friendly and Safe Protocols